KLC Law Firm sponsored IMEDIPA Conference on Privatisations

KLC Law Firm contributed as Golden Sponsor to the conference on “Privatisations: Legal and Economic Design, Institutional Implications, Competition Policy”, which was held in Athens (Grande Bretagne Hotel) on Friday, November 25th, 2011. The conference was organised by the Institute for Studies in Competition Law and Policy (IMEDIPA), with the support of the European Public Law Organisation (EPLO), the Hellenic State Aid Institute and the Centre for Law, Economics and Society, UCL Faculty of Laws (CLES). Dr. Vassilis Karagiannis, Senior Associate at KLC Law Firm, was one of the Speakers in the Fourth Panel of the conference, concerning the “Competition law implications of the privatisation process”. His presentation contained an outline of the criteria for the application of state aid rules in privatisations, as well as specific references to complications arising in connection with writing-off debts and with the social measures (e.g. financing of early retirement schemes etc.) often accompanying privatisations. The conference was attended by main factors of the privatisation process, such as government officials, economists, investment bankers and legal experts involved in major privatisations in Greece and abroad.

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