Dimitrios Kouvaras, LL.M., joins KLC Law Firm as Senior Associate

As of September 1st, 2009, Mr. Dimitrios Kouvaras, LL.M., has joined KLC Law Firm, as Senior Associate. Holder of two postgraduate titles from Universities in the U.K. – in Maritime- EEC- and International Law, Mr. D. Kouvaras is a recognised lawyer with more than 20 years legal experience. In his capacity -initially as Top Legal Advisor at the American Express Bank , he has acquired experience and proficiency in Banking & Investment Law, in Corporate Law issues and has extended Court experience. During his involvement for more than 15 years as an Expert in Projects funded by the EU and other International Organisations, Mr. D. Kouvaras has repeatedly cooperated with KLC Law Firm in different projects covering the fields of Energy, Transport and Institutional Integration and Restructuring in the Eastern European- the Caucasus- and Central Asian countries. Mr. D. Kouvaras has acquired extensive knowledge in international and interstate Contracts, Agreements and negotiations. He is fluent in English and Russian.

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