Deputy Managing Partner Mr. Thanos Karvelis, interviewed by World Finance magazine

On the occasion of KLC`s tripple awards, Mr. Thanos Karvelis, Deputy Managing Partner , was interviewed on Mergers & Acquisitions by the Ex-Head of Business Broadcasting at the BBC, at the London Stock exchange for the World Finance Magazine. The interview is already placed on – and will be available on the World Finance TV site for at least 4 months. It will also be distributed to the magazine’s paying subscribers through a video email. The interview will also go live into the World Finance publication to coincide with the Davos World Economic Forum. Coverage of the Interview will also be distributed to a comprehensive list of newsrooms around the world including national and regional newspapers, magazines, radio and televisions stations, news agencies and on-line news services, including promotion to relevant trade journalists and to over 3,600 on-line services, such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Lexis Nexis.

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