KLC Law Firm recognises and rewards excellence and professionalism

Dr. Panagiotis Tzioumas, Senior Associate of KLC Law Firm, has been unanimously promoted to Partner by KLC’s General Assembly. This decision was part of KLC’s overall business strategy that is aligned with the firm’s purpose to invest in human resources by offering equal opportunities and rewarding professionalism.
Dr. Panagiotis Tzioumas holds a PhD in Public Law from Athens University Law School and a Master Degree (LL.M.) in Banking and Financial Law from University College London. He joined the firm as a Senior Associate in 2006 and has mainly been engaged in major commercial litigation and arbitration cases. He has also provided consulting services to several foreign, international and domestic corporations, organisations and individuals on a wide range of matters pertaining, inter alia, to finance, defense procurements, construction projects and distribution agreements.
KLC’s “open system” gives the opportunity to all associates to grow within the company, to have a voice in any decision making and meet their career aspirations by becoming even a Partner of the firm. KLC Law Firm  considers its human resources as its core asset, which gives added value to the firm and creates a competitive advantage over its competitors. KLC best develops the talents and professional skills of its associates in a challenging and rewarding working environment that creates equal opportunities and offers working satisfaction.

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