Covid-19-IP updates (Greece)

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Greek Patent Office (OBI) and the Greek Trademark Office have suspended public access at their offices until further notice. Both offices will operate with security personnel and all communications with the public will be conducted via email or telephone.

In particular:

Greek Patent Office: starting from 11.03.2020 and for the next two months, all the deadlines regarding the registration of any Industrial title (i.e. patent, design, utility model) granted by the Office are suspended (i.e. deadline for any corrections to be made or omissions to be supplemented, deadline for comments on the search report). However, all actions regarding the payment of any official fee (i.e. renewal fee, procedural fee) are not affected and the relevant provisions remain in force. Any payment of official fees, as well as the filing of an application for the grant of any of the above-mentioned titles must be conducted online [in compliance with art. 38 par. 5 of the Legislative Decree dated 20.03.2020 (Government Gazette 68/A’/20.03.2020)]. 

Greek Trademark Office: starting from 11.03.2020 and for the next two months, all the deadlines laid down in Greek Trademark Law regarding applicants' queries, expiring within the above-mentioned period, are suspended (i.e. deadline for filing an opposition before the Trademark Administrative Committee, deadlines set by examiners or the Committee, deadlines for payment of official fees, irrespective of whether they can be conducted online). In the latest communication from the Greek Trademark Office it is clarified that the public may use online services provided by the Office, but it is not obliged to do so. It is noted that filing of a trademark application or an application for the renewal or for the registration of any change on applicant’s status or for details can be filed online (in compliance with Guidelines of the Ministry of Internal Affair no. ΔΙΔΑΔ/Φ.69/111/οικ.8196/23-3-2020 issued in accordance with Common Ministerial Decision no. Δ1α/Γ.Π.οικ.20036/22-3-2020 and the Legislative Decree dated 20.03.2020). 

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