The new book of Vasiliki Christou, under the title “The right to protection against data processing. Justification – Interpretation – Prospects” has just been published by Sakkoulas Publications (Athens-Thessaloniki)

The book of Vasiliki Christou sheds light on the moral principles that underlie the individual’s protection against data processing and emphasises the contradictory approach of the EU and USA regarding the data protection right. The book also provides a comprehensive analysis of Law 2472/1997 and Directive 95/46 in light of the DPA decisions, the Greek case law, the case law of other member states, as well as the case law of the ECHR and the ECJ. Special issues like communication privacy, CCTV and freedom of information are also being addressed. Last the book presents the innovations of Regulation 2016/679 in comparison to the Directive 95/46.



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