Students from the American College of Greece visited the offices of KLC Law Firm

The visit of 30 students from the 2nd grade of the American College of Greece - Pierce College Lyceum, at the offices of KLC Law Firm in Tuesday 12th of April, was carried out with great success. The students, who in the majority would like to follow the legal profession, watched with great interest an overview presentation of the company by Mr. Theodore Loukopoulos, who talked about the structure, composition and operation of a law firm. Professor Mr. John Drossos developed the general framework of the Legal studies, as well as the opportunities and future perspectives of the profession. The presentation was followed by a constructive dialogue with the students, and a quick tour at the offices of our company. On their departure from the company, the teachers who accompanied the students, expressed their full satisfaction for the presentation and hospitality, and they thanked us for our contribution to the professional orientation of the students. We thank Professor Mr. John Drossos, Mr. Thomas Lamnidis and Mr. Theodore Loukopoulos as well, for their valuable contribution.

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