8th Annual Leading Arbitrators' Symposium in Vienna, Austria

Mr. Alexandros Tsirigos, Senior Associate of KLC Law Firm, has participated in the 8th Annual Arbitrators’ Symposium on the Conduct of Arbitration, which was organised by JURIS Conference LLC, and tool place in Vienna, at Grand Hotel, on Monday, April 2nd, 2012. The conference was attended by senior legal executives from firms around the world, mainly coming from European Union countries and the U.S.A., such as partners of large law firms, experienced arbitrators and esteemed academics, reflecting on the high level and prestige of the conference. Apart from the overwhelming majority of lawyers-participants, the conference was also attended by other participants of the arbitration process, such as executives of auditing and consulting firms, appointed as special experts in arbitration cases, as well as representatives of arbitration institutions.sThe main topics and discussions developed during the conference mostly concerned practical aspects of international arbitration, such as the effective management of the arbitration process and the role of experts, with limited references to theoretical legal issues. The participation of Mr. Alexandros Tsirigos in the international conference reconfirms the strive of the firm to provide top quality and highly specialised legal services in the field of International Arbitration and beyond.

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